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Nokia N9Journey—

4 months in the making.
4 trips to Finland.
9 hours of footage edited down to 4m38s.
Nokia N9 Journey.
Watch: (Long) / (Short).
A short film commissioned by Nokia to be shown at Nokia World and a special event at The Design Museum. Documenting the design and the people behind the new Nokia N9 smartphone. Interviews conducted at Nokia HQ in Finland with the Nokia N9 design team. Factory scenes shot at their assembly plant in Salo, Finland.
A Build Production
in Association with ShootMedia
Storyboard and Art Direction by Nicola & Michael C. Place
Directed and Edited by Elliott Cranmer
Direction of Photography by Adam Clitheroe
Camera by Alex Agopian
Post Production and Editing Aivaras Seduika
Original Music by J-VEN
Stills photography (below) by Nicola Place/Build.

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