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New Build website—

This will be our final blog post on, as Build's Blog has a new home, on the brand new Build website.

Build has a new website!

We will keep the "old" blog up and running, as an archive, but all news and announcements will now be made via News on

Go to the new Build site here. Don't forget we also have (by)Build Shop, and you can follow us on Twitter, Tumblr and Vimeo.

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Animal A-Z!

A-Z by Build.

Build's Animal A-Z is available in seven sizes.

Jaguar / Orangutan / Elephant.

Koala / Anteater / Toucan.

The Build Animal A-Z is now available over on (by)Build Shop!
As you may have seen over the past few weeks, we have been working hard on the collection of illustrations - mammals, birds, reptiles, one fish and even a crustacean! - and they are now available to buy in a range of sizes.
Check them out on (by)Build Shop here.
You can also see more of our illustration work on our site here.

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Build t-shirt for North East—

We were recently asked to design a t-shirt for brand new Japanese clothing company North East. Other designers involved include Believe in, Hey, Mash Creative and Sawdust.

Our design - Peace & Love, Build - which you can see below, is available now for pre-order. Get your order in before 14 October, and receive 10% off (hooray!). They also ship internationally (double hooray!).

We have managed to sneak a peek at the t-shirt in real life, and it's ace. Thank you Takashi for asking to take part!
Build t-shirt for North East clothing
Our t-shirt design for North East— now available for pre-order!

Build t-shirt for North East - detail
Peace & Love, Build t-shirt.

Build t-shirt 'Peace & Love, Build' now available from North East
T-shirts will ship out on 15 October— hurry hurry! North East.

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Book Marks at The Mill, E17—

"He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man", Samuel Johnson.

So opens Hunter S. Thompson's novel 'Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas' and is the inspiration behind our design for the exhibition Book Marks, opening tonight at The Mill, Coppermill Lane, E17.

Curated by E17 Art House, the exhibition brief called on designers, artists and illustrators to create artwork that was inspired by either a book or book genre.

Taking the Johnson quote - which serves as the main theme of Fear & Loathing, where excessive drug use attempts to escape the realities of modern life - our print features several of the 'beasts' referenced throughout: from the red Cadillac named "The Great Red Shark", to hallucinations involving people turning into bloodthirsty lizards, and the protagonist's attempt to buy an ape and take it home with him on the plane.

Book Marks runs until October 13th, so get yourself to Walthamstow and check it out!

Build's design for the E17 Art House exhibition 'Bookmarks'
Detail of Build's design for E17 Art House's exhibition 'Bookmarks'
Detail of Build's design for E17 Art House's exhibition 'Bookmarks' - 3
Detail of Build's design for E17 Art House's exhibition 'Bookmarks' - 2
Build design for exhibition 'Bookmarks'' opening tonight at the Mill on Coppermill Lane

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Process Journal—

The latest edition of the excellent graphic design publication Process Journal is now available. Edition Nine features an interview with Michael, and our front cover design. Nice!

In order to live up to its ambition to be a journal rather than a magazine, each issue will now be themed. They have stripped back the number of features as well, to provide more insight on their chosen subjects.

Fittingly then, the first thematic issue is centred around 'Less is More', a celebration of those smaller studios that punch well above their size such as Build, Manual and Bedow.

Front cover design by Build.

Our front cover in print.

Interview with Michael C. Place in Edition Nine of Process Journal.



Edition Nine of Process Journal is available now (and with free international shipping!).

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Work at Play, Chicago—

A few images from the Work at Play exhibition at the Chicago Design Museum in June 2013, featuring a selection of Michael's prints for Build. Thank you to David Szef for asking us to take part!

Not For Commercial Use: Statement, 2008.

Chicago Design Museum space, August 2013.

Chicago Design Museum space, August 2013.

Scale Series - Mars, 2012.

Scale Series - Sun, 2012.

Modern Life is Rubbish - Mangle, 2008.

Mono exhibition poster, 2006.

Dick, 2012.

Nice right? You can get your own Build prints from our very own shop—

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