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Happy Yorkshire Day!

Happy Yorkshire Day one and all!

While its status may not afford a bank holiday or a Google Doodle, we at Build cannot pass 1 August without officially celebrating God's Own County.
So for one day only, we are offering 20% off the following (by)Build Shop products, as selected by proud Yorkshire-man Michael C. Place—

The Sun - Scale Series
The Sun - Scale Series.
'Because the Sun always shines on Yorkshire! And us Yorkshire folk are renowned for having a sunny outlook on life!'

Modern Life Is Rubbish - Mangle
Modern Life Is Rubbish - Train
Modern Life Is Rubbish Series.
'Because by 'eck it used to be all fields round here (to be fair it still is!), and we can be a contradictory bunch (see above)'

'Because we are a positive bunch, but also we can be a little black and white about things'.

Mono exhibition poster.
'Like my mum's Yorkshire puddings, it will always be number one in my book!'

Walt, Dick & Harvey.
'Always smiling (even when getting a round in), and especially when talking about Yorkshire'.

Fellowship is Life.
'Because we always stick together!'

***This offer has now ended— Here's to Yorkshire Day 2014!***

Simply add the discount code YORKSHIRE at the checkout for 20% off any of the items above. The discount will be valid until tomorrow (Friday 2nd August). Happy shopping everyone!

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All creatures great and small—

The latest addition to (by)Build Shop is our series for the Less Design exhibition by Design Less & DDB/Paris, in March 2010.
These four prints are available to buy for the first time, exclusively from our shop.
Each print showcases a plant, animal or creature that has evolved over thousands of years to do one thing extremely well.
The Venus Flytrap - Dionaea Muscipula - catches its prey by trapping them in its leaf structure, which is triggered by tiny hairs on their inner surfaces.
The Giraffe Weevil - Trachelophorus Giraffa - has an extended neck that is an evolutionary adaptation to assist with fighting and nest building.
The Giant Anteater - Myrmecophaga Tridactyla - has an elongated head and snout equipped with a long thin tongue that can be extended to a great length, perfectly adapted to eating insects.
The Great White Shark - Carcharodon Carcharias - is the ultimate marine predator, its rows of teeth are not only needle-sharp, but also serrated, which allow efficient cutting of mammal flash. Eek!
All four prints are expertly screen printed by K2, using glow-in-the-dark ink on Colorplan Smoke stock. Size-A1. Invest now.

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About Us
(by)Build Shop - the outlet for design studio Build.
It is the place to buy original and modern design products, designed and produced by the studio, and often available exclusively from us. We strive to produce our wares from the best materials, and to the highest quality, and where possible we source UK suppliers and manufacturers.

(by)Build Shop is also where you can find limited-edition and archive prints by the studio’s creative director, Michael C. Place. Many of Michael’s early prints are long since sold out and are now highly sought after.
Occasionally we stock brilliant and interesting things by other people. You will find these in the section 'not (by)Build'.

The (by)Build Shop Team

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• ROYGBIV - Slice.
• ROYGBIV - Cut.
• ROYGBIV - Illuminate.
We've just put a few new print-on-demand pieces up on our shop!

ROYGBIV series.
The ROYGBIV series takes its inspiration from the mundane objects of every day life and injects them with a spectrum of refracted light.
Design by Michael C. Place for (by)Build Shop, 2013.

Direct links: Slice / Cut / Illuminate.
Prints in this series are all printed hi-quality digital print on Hahnemuhle Matt Fine Art Smooth Photo Rag Bright White 310gsm stock.
Each print is available on the following sizes:
Size: A2-420(w)x594(h)mm
Size: A1-594(w)x841(h)mm
Size: A0-841(w)x1189(h)mm

Whilst we will process orders for print-on-demand as quickly as possible, please allow up to 5 working days from date of your order to dispatch. If you would like your order sooner eg. for a special occasion, please email the shop and we will endeavour to send your order out sooner.

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We have launched the (by)Build Shop print-on-demand service, and the first print in the series is Michael's Sunrise Over Manchester poster.
Originally designed for the excellent Print & Paste initiative, info on the project can be found here, and here.
All of the print-on-demand pieces are exclusive to our shop!

Choose from three sizes:
A2 - £30 / A1 - £60 / A0 - £120.

Buy 'Sunrise' HERE.

Look out for further designs added to the range in the very near future!
Follow (by)Build Shop on Twitter and Tumblr.

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(by)Build Shop—

• (by)Build Shop branding.
***UPDATE: (by)Build Shop is now live: ***
Our brand new store - (by)Build Shop - is coming very soon, this week in fact!
We have worked hard on our new Shop for several months, listening to feedback from customers and establishing the Shop on its own. (by)Build Shop is built from the ground up, overhauled with plenty of new features to help give a better shopping experience for you (and us!). Users can create accounts to manage orders and address information, register interest in reprints of sold out products and share items on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
• 11 Years Show Catalogue.
• Walt print by MCP.
• Dick print by MCP.
• Harvey print by MCP.
The Shop will stock original products, designed and produced by the studio, available exclusively on the store.
Occasionally we will sell brilliant and interesting products by other people and these will be in the not(by)Build section.
It's also the only place to buy selected archive prints by Michael, and for UK-only customers, the frames as seen in our 11 Years show last September.
• Tote & Catalogue bundle.
To celebrate (by)Build Shop's launch we are selling a Blood, Sweat & 11 Years bundle - catalogue and tote bag - for £40.00 (for a limited time only) and we are also giving one lucky subscriber the chance to win an original Build print, even we won't have one! Details to be revealed on Thursday.
Please follow @Build_Shop for details of the launch.

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