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Our verdict on the Christmas ads!

This is a bit of a first here at Build— a review?! It seems like 2013 has been a bit of a landmark year for Christmas adverts, and one that we have followed with keen interest. Not just from a design and marketing point of view, but also as consumers and 'average people' who enjoy Christmas, and everything it has to offer. Sure, Christmas is now hyper-commercialised and protracted - Guy Fawkes is barely smouldering before the mince pies and advent calendars are everywhere. But this year, it seems as if a HUGE amount of importance has been placed on how companies and brands have gone about their Christmas advertising. This post isn't going to be an in-depth analysis on each one rather a lighthearted look at what has been produced, and our verdicts.
First up— the 'blockbuster'
John Lewis Christmas advert.
John Lewis - The Bear and the Hare
3/4 of the studio thought this was all right, a bit soppy sure, and where are the John Lewis products?! The other 1/4 didn't rate it at all. Much respect for its production however, an amazing team effort.

Next— the advert that's really a trailer (hmm)
Sainsbury's Christmas advert
Sainsbury's - Christmas in a Day (trailer)
Sainsbury's offering from Hollywood film director Kevin MacDonald is a wonderful concept (everyone films their Christmas, videos made into a film). It was refreshing to see how vastly different people's Christmases can be, but all the magic was ruined of the 'reality' of the film WHEN THE MUM GETS THE TURKEY OUT OF THE OVEN WITHOUT OVEN GLOVES ON. Even if it's been resting in there for an hour, Sainsbury's come on. Not to mention the Co-op goods.

The soppy one—
Tesco Christmas advert
Tesco - There's Nothing Better Than Christmas
Well except for a Tesco Christmas. Actually not too offended by this one, but a little too gush-y for our taste. And it's no Wonder Years.

The 'yoof' one—
Boots Christmas advert.
Boots - "Let's make the people that make us feel good, feel good!"
We can't actually publish what one of us said after watching of the Boots festive offering, needless to say, we were less than impressed. Once again, an absolute cheese-fest - but hey it's Christmas and you can hardly blame them.

The overly-dramatic and weird one—
Bailey's Christmas advert
Baileys - Christmas Nutcracker
Were they going for some sort of Ballet/Bailey pun here? Who knows. What's for certain is the Nutcracker is Christmassy in the extreme. The panto villain in a dance-off however - a step too far. And you do not remix Tchaikovsky. Ever.

Finally, the one with a strange undertone—
Morrisons Christmas advert.
Morrisons - Be Our Guest with Ant & Dec
As ever, when human/actor/PJ/Duncan has to interact with an animated character, the dramatic meaning may go slightly AWOL. Morrisons may have wanted to fill us with festive cheer with their Disney-esque ad, but all we were filled with was a sense of dread at what Ant & Dec were about to do with the poor little dancing gingerbread man.

And because, in my opinion, it's not officially Commercial Christmas™ until this is on on TV— the Classic
Coca Cola Christmas ad.
Coca Cola - Holidays Are Coming
Surely the go-to example of Christmas advertising, Coca Cola's 90s Xmas ad just IS Christmas to me. And if you think that celebrating this level of marketing in what it is fundamentally a religious holiday is wrong then just remember, before Coca Cola, Father Christmas's suit was green!
Happy festive season one and all.

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