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Unused/Rejected — Sony electronics press/billboard ads (2005)—

Unused/Rejected work - Sony electronics press/billboard ads (2005).
I still like these proposed press ads for electronics giant Sony. I liked the interaction/tension between the product photography and the strong bold graphic shapes.
The products (at the time) were thinner, could hold more songs, had more pixels, more colour and the graphic shapes were there to try and get that across in a strong bold way. I remember thinking at the time that these would look so striking on billboards. Oh well...

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No thanks…

As designers you get used to work being rejected/not used, it's part of the job. It can be hard, but you just have to grit your teeth and get on with it. Above is a selection of rejected/unused press ads we did for Fresh Britain + the Dr Martens 50th anniversary campaign.
I still like them, and I think it's interesting to see designers rejected works...maybe there's a book in there somewhere?


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Flying Lotus (unused)–





First in a series of posts showing unused work not chosen by the client. All work shown in this series did come to fruition in some form or another. We hope you find this interesting as in some cases work that was rejected was in fact our preferred route.
First up, sleeve design for 'Flying Lotus - Los Angeles' (Warp Records).
Photography by Timothy Saccenti, Sculpture (Bleeds) by Commonwealth, AD by Build.

Final/chosen design (above).
New Flying Lotus album work later in the year.

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